Scrapbooking Method

Mary's unique approach to Scrapbooking is personal and creative

After years of teaching scrapbooking from a product perspective, I found my customers were ending up with boxes and boxes of paper and the cutest darned layouts imaginable that weren’t used.
I spent hours each month designing pages that now sit in boxes. Epic fail.

What do we want to leave our families? Cute unused layouts? Reams of beautiful paper? NO! that is not what I want to leave my family. I’m horrified at the prospect of my kids coming into my craft space and in astonishment saying, “Mom, what were you thinking?”

I want to leave my family, the essence of my heart, my story and my story about them.
Who wouldn’t?

So, I quit selling products and started teaching process.

We’ve broken down the process to save our guests from being overwhelmed completely, or frustrated by scrapbook-by-number kits that do not fit the needs of their families’ memories and/or culture. This is not another process video either. I take you step-by-step, using your own supplies, to memory building that’s easy to follow, and surprisingly quick, to create layouts that are rich in memories, strong in design, and steeped in love.

Combine our process with our gamified crop and you will grow in understanding how and why scrapbooking can bring satisfaction, pride, and joy, instead of being overwhelmed.