Gamified Scrapbooking

LIVE on the last Saturday of every Month!

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We have “gamified” scrapbooking! You’re invited to our LIVE CROP on last Saturday of every month! It is designed for anyone who wants to play along or just watch. We are taking some of the best, inspirational aspects of Craft Roulette, and applying them to the big, mean, hairy obstacles of scrapbooking.

Our goal is to inspire YOUR creativity!
Your stuff. Your style. Our support.

What Is It?

  • A unique scrapbook game system that is easy, exciting, helpful, and FUNN
  • 5-hour guided scrapbook crop with preparation help, tip teaching, and follow-up help
  • Private Facebook event on the Club FUNN private group
  • A gamified version of scrapbooking that inspires and assists from start to finish

Where Does It Happen?

Topics of Concentration

  • Photo selection & placement
  • Personalizing your story effectively
  • Organizing your supplies
  • Developing habits to help keep memories
  • Journaling
  • and much much more!

Required To Play

  • Box(es) of photos (general collection or themed; 50 to 250 works best)
  • 12″ x 12″ white card stock
  • Paper scraps if you have ’em (that’s a joke)
  • Basic paper crafting supplies
  • Adhesive (liquid and tape runners suggested)
  • Stamps / inks / stickers
  • Scissors and 12″ x 12″ trimmer (recommended)
  • Pencil / journaling pen
  • A way to print workbook
  • There are no pre-made kits required or received. Use what you have.
  • No scrapbooking experience needed!

These Crops Are Perfect For

  • People who have given up scrapbooking
  • People who want to party with us
  • People who want to try scrapbooking
  • People who have unused kits
  • People who scrapbook actively

What We’ll Make

  • Two 12″ x 12″ layouts (4 pages total) using our new SCRAPBOOK GAME SYSTEM
  • This system is adaptable and can be used again and again


  • The last Saturday of every month!
  • 12pm (Noon) Central Time to 5 p.m. Central Time (USA)

Will the Crop Be the Same Every Month?

  • Not exactly
  • Staying the Same – FUNN, interactive, strongly supportive, great community, basic structure, created with your success in mind
  • Monthly changes – themes and parameters, focused topic for learning, in-depth teaching, sketches, guests
  • It’s Craft Roulette! The format may be familiar, but the outcome never is the same!

Guests and Prizes